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Holly House is where women’s wildest fantasies come magically and vividly to life. What happens at Holly’s House stays at Holly House–but not always…

A full-service bordello for ladies only, Holly House is an exotic Florida retreat where women are serviced and satisfied by a cavalcade of red-hot studs ready to fulfill their every desire. When Helena Jacobs is lured to this bin of seduction by a well-meaning friend, she meets the man of her dreams in the form of the gorgeous Zenith–but the dream turns into a nightmare when this revered senator’s wife and philanthropic leader is caught up in the midst of a sinful sexual scandal.

When Helena turns to hardboiled feminist private eye Jacquie Dumont for aid, the tough and capable Jacquie is on the case–determined to reveal Helena’s husband, nefarious Sen. Leon Jacobs, as the mastermind behind the plot meant to blackmail and extort funds from his wife. Yet what will happen when Jacquie’s lover, her hot blond secretary Trey Benefiel, discovers she has also paid a visit or two to Holly House?

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