By Amber Monroe

Tiffany Carlisle is young, ambitious and climbing the corporate ladder. But the road to power for her is paved with passion and debauchery. Will she choose the man she loves or the career that promises unlimited power, money and sex?

In the corporate world, Tiffany Carlisle stands out as a young, ambitious woman who is determined to reach the top. Her journey is one filled with passion, determination, and sexual debauchery. As she navigates the challenging path to success, she is faced with a crucial decision – whether to choose the man she loves or the promise of unlimited power, wealth, and sex that comes with her career.

Bliss Magazine has become an iconic institution within the feminist movement, representing the empowerment and struggles of women across the globe. For decades, it has held the title of the number one women’s magazine, found in both bookstores and supermarket checkout lines, inspiring and informing its vast readership. When Tiffany sees an opportunity to reshape Bliss Magazine in her own image, she embarks on an erotic journey that shakes the very foundations of the media industry. With boldness and determination, she sets out to redefine the magazine’s image, forever altering its course and leaving an indelible mark on her personal life.

Ms. Carlisle’s transformation within the world of Bliss Magazine is nothing short of extraordinary. As she dives deep into the realm of erotica, she ignites a passionate flame that captivates both the media industry and her own personal relationships. Her profound exploration of sensuality sparks shockwaves throughout the industry, forever changing the perception of what women’s magazines can be.  The once-conservative landscape is revolutionized by her daring choices, forcing competitors to reevaluate their own approaches and adapt to this new era of empowerment and sexual liberation.



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Dynasty-style Soap Opera Smut!

I can't even right now. How does Amber do it? This is not just deliciously smutty goodness but it's got sarcasm and quick wit coming from the strong heroine. The story of a woman's climb to the top of a male-dominated industry - and her sexy experiences along the way - is solid and had me wondering what in the ever-loving hell just happened. And it's subtle connection to another book in the Scandalous Publishing library - Jasmine's Wicked Whims - makes it all the more intriquing. In a word, HOT!

Christy Padgett

Christy Padgett

November 27, 2023January 27, 2024

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